Bow Wow Speaks on Diddy’s Relationship With Joie Chavis, Says They Had Hour-Long Conversation About It

The rapper caught up with Chicago's WGCI Morning Show recently, and addressed Diddy's relationship with the mother of his children, Joie Chavis.

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Bow Wow has confirmed that things are cool with Diddy.

The rapper caught up with the WGCI Morning Show this week, where he made sure to clarify that there aren’t any battles going on with Diddy—who was spotted on vacation earlier this month with model Joie Chavis, the mother of Bow Wow’s daughter, Shai. 

Hosts Leon Rogers, Kendra G, and Kyle transitioned the conversation to the Italy get-away—where the pair were spotted kissing on a yacht—and Bow joked that he “wanted to kill [Diddy],” but explained that “everything is 100” after having an hour-long call with Diddy. 

“With me and her, we haven’t really been in that space probably in like 13 years,” Bow Wow shared around the 25-minute mark of the video above. “[She’s] a homegirl, my daughter’s mom, so it’s always gonna be respect. But don’t think that I didn’t put a call and talk to her about what the hell was going on, you know what I’m saying? Me and dude, we spoke about it, too. That’s a conversation [between] me and him and I ain’t gonna share that. It was a good hour-and-15-minute conversation on FaceTime.”

Bow continued, sharing that he looks at the situation, as with most situations, “differently.” As he put it, there’s still a “line of respect” with his ex-partner. 

“Like I said, amongst us, that’s something we spoke about in private,” he said. “We dealt with it. We moved on from it. And I heard his piece, I heard her piece. They heard mine, and we just gon’ leave it at that.”

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