Benzino Responds to 50 Cent Offering Coi Leray TV Role Amid Rift With Daughter: 'You Crossed a Line'

Benzino took aim at 50 Cent and his daughter, Coi Leray, after the TV mogul hinted that he was going to make it his mission to put Coi on television.

Benzino photographed in 2019

Image via Getty/Johnny Louis

Benzino photographed in 2019

Benzino is once again airing out some family business. 

After previously calling 50 Cent the “first hip-hop rat,” and getting into various other conflicts with his daughter Coi Leray, the rapper has now name-dropped both of them in a Twitter tirade. 

On Sunday, Fif took to Instagram to offer Coi a role in television, which she and collaborators like Nicki Minaj were certainly ecstatic about. Coi responded with a string of emojis and “GLG !!!!! LETS GOOOOOOO,” while Nicki called the offer “king shit.”

“Now would be a good time to stop hating on  @coileray,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the upstart rapper. “I’m gonna make her show up on your Tv😆🛑STOP worrying about a first week WORK. GLG🚦GreenLightGang.”

Benzino’s response was a lot less positive than Nicki or Coi, as he took the television invitation quite personally. During his Twitter call-outs, Zino made some accusations about Starz and 50, and used some choice nicknames in the process.

“Hey RATMAN aka 59 I appreciate u putting my Coi on but does she know you and STARS ain’t been seeing eye to eye lately,” he wrote. “Well I just got my hands on a federal lawsuit saying that the “BMF” trademark isn’t yours & knew about it & never told Meech or STARS. Big mistake you dummy.”

“Your dumb ass made the decisions not to tell anyone because you already invested too much,” he added. “I’ll be releasing the entire lawsuit real soon, but I’m gonna let u marinate for sec before I stick a fork in you. 

After pointing to an alleged lawsuit he’s threatening to release, Benzino alluded to his own daughter’s career “downfall” due to “disloyalty,” and said that “she’ll have to live with the decision she made to go against her father to deal with the opps.”

“I never ever hated on my own daughter, it was her who me B A N, dissed me in a song, calls me broke in every interview I’ve done, all I’ve done was correct the lies on me,” he said. “Y’all can run with that bs narrative, idgaf, I’ve never tried to play with someone’s kid like he did… Fuck it, we at war right? I’m just suppose to let mfs say all kind of lies on me about a nasty transformer then dangle a tv role in front of my only daughter against me? Man fuck anybody who agrees with this asshole. Real n----z and fathers understand.”

Before closing off his arguments on the internet, Benzino—who has previously allegedly gotten in the way of his daughter’s career opportunities by leaking information about her single with Nicki Minaj—claimed that there’s “ALL this love and support for Coi but none of y’all bought the album,” before co-signing a comment from an Instagram user who wasn’t happy that Coi was cool with 50. 

As Coi explained last week to Real 92.3, she’s tried to get her father banned from Instagram, and thinks he “doesn’t understand” how to keep things quiet at times. 

“No, I just have to pray for him. I want him to heal offline,” she said. “I really do. That’s how we’re going to be able to get better.”

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