Premiere: Listen to The Posterz’s “Bulalay”

This is life in the concrete jungle.

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Between the booming rap community and the Piu Piu beat scene, Montreal is finally being recognized as a Canadian hip-hop hub. Along with artists like Wasiu and Dead Obies, rap trio The Posterz are pillars of the new wave of Montreal rap. In a few short years, The Posterz’s Husser, $pirit, and Joey have earned a local reputation for raw lyrics, high energy performances, and visceral, next level production work. Montreal already knows what it is—now it’s time to let the rest of the world in on the secret.

The Posterz’s in-house production guru Joey’s beat for “Bulalay” might sound like the work of an expert crate digger, but there are no samples to be found in the minimal but festive instrumental. “The tune started with the chant, which Joey sung on his laptop in bed,” The Posterz told Complex via email. From the guitar progression to the vocal hook, everything you hear is organic in origin. “No samples were used, everything is either programmed, sung, or played.”

Lyrically, “Bulalay” is about dodging negative energy, and thriving in your element. “It’s a day in the life of Husser and $pirit in the concrete jungle, comparing the negative energy of haters to a shooter or a hunter,” they explained. “It’s about being upset and deceiving ourselves, and how we interact with that spiteful bunch. But mostly, it’s about being comfortable in our environment, and stating that no one can fuck with us here—we’re bulletproof.”

Listen to “Bulalay” below, and watch for The Posterz’s Junga EP, dropping Oct. 30th.


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