Jazz Cartier Roams Through Venice in the “Opera” Video

Cuzzi takes us on a guided tour through Venice at night.

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Toronto’s own Jazz Cartier goes international in the video for Hotel Paranoia standout “Opera,” exploring the mysteries of Venice at night. The rapper takes us on a guided tour of the architecture, alleyways, statues, and even the signature canals and waterways of the Italian city, ultimately finding his way into one of the most renowned landmarks in Venice.

“We shot this video in Venice because, well, why not. I wanted the video to be more scenery than about me," Cartier toldFader. "The aesthetic of Venice fit the mood and overall direction. We finessed our way into the La Fenice Opera House on the last day, which I still can't believe." The scenery is a little different from your standard Jazz Cartier video, which typically finds him moving through the streets and alleyways of Toronto’s downtown core. These unfamiliar and ominous surroundings work to enhance the video’s paranoid theme, inspired by a bad dream that Cartier couldn’t shake for days. Watch the Kyle Sanderson-directed visual for “Opera” above, and listen to Hotel Paranoia in full here.

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