Chilly Gonzales Says Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” Is A Feist Ripoff

"'Take Me to Church?' Maybe Feist should take him to court!"

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Canadian musical mastermind Chilly Gonzales playfully deconstructs pop music by the likes of Drake, Taylor Swift, and Daft Punk on his YouTube series Pop Music Masterclass, but his most recent episode drops a critical bombshell on Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.”

As the Drakecollaborator unpacks the hymnal characteristics of Hozier’s breakout hit, he notices a striking similarity between the song and one released two years earlier by his “good friend and musical little sister” Feist, specifically the use of similar chords and a slowed-down triple time waltz. As Gonzales plays back a section of Feist’s “How Come You Never Go There?,” the similarity is uncanny. "It's almost the exact same thing," he says, setting himself up for a slam dunk quip worthy of the Leno writer’s room: "'Take Me to Church?' Maybe Feist should take him to court!"

It’s unclear whether or not Feist is even on Hozier’s radar, and whether the similarities between the two songs boil down to coincidence or outright plagiarism, but Chilly Gonzales makes his position clear. Compare the two tracks below, and draw your own conclusions.

Check out more episodes of Chilly Gonzales’ Pop Music Masterclass series here, specifically the insightful breakdown of “Tuesday” by Drake and ILoveMakonnen.

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