Slim Jesus Admits He's Not About That Life

The truth comes out.

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DJ Vlad interviewed Slim Jesus a.k.a. "The Internet's Most Hated Rapper" and got him to admit that he's not about that life like most of us had suspected. When Vlad asked him about his lyrical content, Slim answered:

"Street wise, I mean, for the most part on the street shit like I got homies that are in that shit and I know people who are and people around me. I mean, I'm not out here catching bodies and shit, obviously, I'm fucking smart."

Last week, folks on Twitter caught wind of Slim's video "Drill Time."It featured him rapping about fucking bitches and killing people as his goons wave guns in the background leaving viewers to question his gangsta. Discussions about appropriation and authenticity in the rap erupted across the 'net. We even caught some flack for interviewing him. Say what you want about this skinny kid from Ohio but at least he's honest. Vlad also asked about established rappers showing him love and Diddy offering him a million dollars.

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