OG Maco and Migos Got Into It on Twitter Over the Dabbin' Dance

It all started over Skippa Da Flippa.

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OG Maco started some shit on Twitter earlier today with his labelmates Migos, surrounding the latest Atlanta dance craze called "Dabbin'." He quoted a XXL tweet linking to a post about the dance taking over social media, and said that Skippa Da Flippa was the one that made it popular—not Migos like the post suggests. Migos caught wind of his comments and responded to him saying that Flippa is in the Migos family. Both are correct. Skippa is down with YRN and was one of the first rappers to incorporate the dance in a video. Back in July of last year he dropped "How Fast Can You Count It," and is doing the dance throughout:

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Both Migos and Maco are signed to Quality Control Music. Here's what went down with them online earlier today:

Migos then responded with some retweets from their followers, who screenshotted the Urban Dictionary definition of the term:

@DaFlippaMan Is In the Migo Family @OGMaco Let's See u Set a Trend!! #Rookie

— MIGOS™ (@Migos) August 6, 2015

Eventually, they responded to Maco directly:

Maco then accused the rap game of biting his style—which, we're guessing refers to his "U Guessed It" hit:

U Kno U Prayin Our Album Do Good Nigga We Pay Ya Bills #Rookie

— MIGOS™ (@Migos) August 6, 2015

And, Migos sent some subtweets:

OG ended up responding, too:

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