Lil Durk Gives Us A Tour of Englewood on Chicago's South Side in "The Neighborhood"

The Def Jam/Coke Boys rapper gives us a tour of his childhood home.

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Lil Durk has made a name for himself within Chicago's rap scene with various mixtapes and a deal with French Montana's Coke Boys label. He then finessed the critically acclaimed Signed to the Streets into a deal with Def Jam in 2013 and released his debut album Remember My Name in December of last year. His journey from underground darling to major label underdog hasn't been without drama. Durk has had multiple run-ins with the law dating back to 2011 when he did about three years for a weapons charge. His cousin NuNu and his manager Chino were murdered in Chicago over the last few years, as well.

In the opening scene of his Neighborhood episode, Durk mentions the violence that has plagued his city as he stands in front of the house he grew up in. Durk and his crew then showed us their old stomping grounds in the Englewood section of Chicago's South Side where they hung out before getting into the rap game. As he's driving to Downtown Chi-Town, Durk talks about being smart enough to leave his past behind and focus on his career as he expresses confusion on how someone can be successful and still want to be in the hood.

Finally, he shows us his newly purchased home in the sticks on a plot a land that's perfect for dirt bike riding and minimal complaints from the neighbors. Durk going from his grandmother's cramped three bedroom apartment in the ghetto to a spacious house in the 'burbs is the ultimate success story.

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