Is ‘Super Slimey’ Better Than ‘Watch The Throne’? A Song-By-Song Investigation

It's Kanye & Jay vs. Future Hendrix & Thugger.

Young Thug x Future "Super Slimey"

Young Thug and Future releases collaborative project "Super Slimey"

Young Thug x Future "Super Slimey"

Remember when Watch the Throne was about to drop? The anticipation had rap fans going nuts. For example, people were letting off tweets like this:


Watch the Throne somewhat lived up to my co-worker's expectations, which had been stoked with video footage of some of the sessions leaking online. We were like fiends when it came to this album's rollout. Super Slimey, on the other hand, seemingly fell out of the sky—like every release these days. Young Thug and Future aren't Kanye and Jay, but they are two of the biggest rappers out right now, so let's compare the two albums track by track, shall we? I also took the liberty of highlighting Future's most Future lines. The man is either in pain or insane, folks. I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with him. We might have to stop turning up and get in a good cry instead.

“No Church in the Wild” vs. “No Cap”

Future set it off in the name of Prodigy, but Frank Ocean’s angelic vocals saved this from going in Super Slimey’s direction. Gotta give The Throne this one.

Winner: Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“I made 'em quit they jobs, then I gave 'em to my niggas
I gave a little start-up money and put her in a rental
I send my Ethiopian to go pray at the temple
I flood her heart with diamonds, just to pray, it's so expensive
She tasting holy water, so, for me, it's beneficial
She caught the holy ghost when I gave her the presidential”

“Lift Off” vs. “Three”

Is this even a fight? I haven’t heard “Lift Off” in years (until today), deleted it, and go on with life as it never existed. Sorry, Beyoncé. Hendrix and Jeffery have more chains and rings than we have anything in life. The energy is ignorance on this track and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Winner:Super Slimey

Fave depraved Future lines:
“Ayy my bitch a bad bitch, so I turned her to a recruiter
I'm a real assassin, quarter M for a back end
Shawty got real sassy when I gave her that Patek
If I bust it down today she'll never go back average”

“Niggas in Paris” vs. “All Da Smoke”

I’m not sure Future and Thugger would get away with performing “All Da Smoke” 30 times in a row. Game, Thrones. Although, “All Da Smoke” may end up aging better because Thug sounds like the second coming of Luciano Pavarotti. Still, Thrones gets the nod.

Winner:Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“I been eatin' me some heroin, oh about a brick
I got Barry Bonds on my wrist
Blowed your college fund on my bitch”

“Otis” vs. “200”

Jigga and ‘Ye got this one easily. “Otis” was an instant classic and “200” is just a decent track on a decent album.

Winner:Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“I just got an iPhone 8 and already stored it with 200 hoes” and “I've been in my bag lately, take three drugs at once lately”

Future needs some professional help.

“Gotta Have It” vs. “Cruise Ship”

Watch the Throne. “Cruise Ship” is a solo Thug song that’s not bad at all. It’s missing some depraved Future lines, though.

Winner:Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:

“New Day” vs. “Patek Water”

This was a tough one, but I’m going with “Patek Water” because Offset blacked and is on Quavo’s heels in terms of murdering solo features. Also, Young Thug showed why he’s some of your favorite rappers' favorite rapper.

Winner:Super Slimey

Fave depraved Future lines:
“Feed a bitch addys, wrist so lavish”

“That’s My Bitch” vs. “Feed Me Dope”

Damn, “Feed Me Dope” is one of my favorite tracks on Super Slimey. However, “That’s My Bitch” was produced by Kanye and the incomparable Q-Tip and has that classic hip-hop bounce an old head such as myself can’t get enough of. Plus, Jay and ‘Ye show why their chemistry is unmatched. The Throne wins this one.

Winner:Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“I took a pill and a half today, that ain't my last boy
The one with the beans on it, I'm taking off like Elroy”

“Welcome to the Jungle” vs. “Drip On Me”

Throne. The “Jungle” beat is too stupid and “Drip On Me” isn’t as sad as the production would lead you to believe.

Winner:Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“I'll take your ho then pimp her
I'll make it look that simple”

“Who Gon Stop Me” vs. “Real Love”

I’m inclined to give this to the Slimes because who says no to trap rappers spittin’ about love? “Who Gon Stop Me is just too strong, though, especially when the beat flips and Jay goes back in time to when he held us down for seven straight summers.

Winner:Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“It's pink way more than I ever imagined
I done measured it so I'm higher than Aladdin”

“Murder to Excellence” vs. “4 Da Gang”

Both tracks talk about Black plight in different ways. The things the Throne touch on in “Murder to Excellence” are the same reasons why someone like Future feels like he needs to stunt on “4 Da Gang.” I’m going with Hov and Kanye on this one.

Winner:Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“Them Percocets got my homie arm itching, I'ma still take 'em” and “She want my semen, so she can run with it and take it to the bank”

“Made In America” vs. “Killed Before”

I’m picking Thug here based on pure listenability. “Made In America” is cool and all but I hardly ever play it when I give Watch the Throne a spin. Do hear that guitar and Jeff on his Garth Brooks? Yeah, “Killed Before” blows the Throne out the water here.

Winner:Super Slimey

Fave depraved Future lines:

“Why I Love You” vs. “Mink Flow”

Jay aired a lot of dirty laundry on this song and the beat is majestic. The Throne wins an easy one, even with some of Future’s most Future lines (See below.)

Winner: Watch the Throne

Fave depraved Future lines:
“I can't let her go nowhere, she too pretty, truthfully
She gone have a bad day, she ever think about crossing me”

“Illest Motherfucker Alive” vs. “Group Home”

You know what? I’m giving this to Future and Thug this one. Why? Do you hear how Future sacrificed his million dollar vocal cords to give us this art? That’s determination. That’s dedication to one’s craft. He down for us like we from the group home.

Winner:Super Slimey

Fave depraved Future lines:
“I don't want it, don't want it if it ain't meant
I spill codeine when I piss
I'm on it, I'm on it, I can't forget
You can't cry over scars this permanent”

Unsurprisingly, Watch the Throne wins nine tracks to four—not counting "HAM," "Primetime," and "The Joy."

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