Shyne Revives Beef With Diddy On Diss Track "You're Welcome"

The feud is back on.

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It was just this past March that we saw photos proving that Shyne and Diddy had indeed reconciled and buried their beef. But it appears that Shyne has revived his feud with his former Bad Boy boss by way of a diss track called "You're Welcome." It outlines how he feels that Diddy is a creep and that he feels he was sacrificed during the infamous 1999 club shooting trial.

Shyne also called Miss Info from Paris, where he's living these days, to discuss several topics surrounding the beef. These include Diddy apparently not lobbying on Shyne's behalf to get back into the U.S. and how Diddy didn't support the mother of the late Anthony "Wolf" Jones. You can read a portion of Shyne's feelings on the former topic below.


You can click the link below to listen to both Miss Info's breakdown of the story and the "You're Welcome" diss track.

Shyne Disses Diddy On "You're Welcome" 

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