Soulja Boy Boasts That His 'Breakfast Club' Interview Has Surpassed 6ix9ine's

It might surprise you to learn that Soulja was sort of wrong.

soulja boy 6ix9ine

Image via Getty/Santiago Felipe

soulja boy 6ix9ine

Soulja Boy continues to prove that you can make numbers say whatever you want them to. Now he has another metric to play with. The rapper clowned 6ix9ine by pointing out that his Breakfast Club interview got more views on YouTube.

Soulja played a clip from Tekashi's interview and claimed his interview was the most-watched of all time for the morning show. He went on to point out that that interview only received 10.4 million views while his garnered 10.7 million. 

"Yeah, you lied," Soulja says in the clip. "Cuz Big Draco in this bitch...What's wrong with you, boy? I got 10.7 million and my shit just dropped." 

Although this is true, a quick search makes it obvious that Soulja is talking about an earlier interview. Looking at 6ix9ine's more recent interview, the Dummy Boy artist came in at 16 million, well ahead of Soulja's chat.

Soulja Boy's Breakfast Club interview was just one of many wild talks he's given in the last few months promoting the release of his legally troubled game console, claiming he will be making a billion dollars, and beefing with damn near everybody. He recently apologized to Everyday Struggle host DJ Akademiks in an interview and said a whole bunch of other things. 

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