Michael Jackson's Mother Believes One of His Accusers Is Lying

Katherine Jackson continued to defend her son on '60 Minutes' Australia.

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Michael Jackson's mother opened up about what her life has been like since her son passed nearly a decade ago. Katherine Jackson spoke on raising the pop star's three children and the ongoing allegations of sexual abuse in an interview with 60 Minutes' Australian edition.

On raising Prince, Paris, and Blanket, Jackson said that it was a little harder than when she raised her nine children.

"Today it's a little more difficult than it was in the day I raised my kids, a little more harder, because the world changed a lot," she said. "It's fine."

The 83-year-old initially breezed past the posthumous controversy around Jackson saying that his "passing caused problems in a lot of ways." But further questioning prompted her to speak both on the initial allegations and court cases against Jackson and the new claims in the documentary Leaving Neverland

"It was hard on me because I knew all the time that Michael didn't do it," she said of the two cases against Jackson while he was alive. "I had no doubt. I know he didn't do it...both families lied."

She also believes that current accuser Wade Robson is lying to try and get a share of Jackson's estate.

"Wade Robson is lying through his teeth and he knows it. And anybody can say it that knows it, knows Michael," she said. "Wade knows better. Wade just wants money."

Jackson's flat denial follows the line that the late singer's estate has followed from the beginning of the scandal. They are currently suing HBO for $100 million in the wake of the documentary airing. They've also claimed to have "overwhelming evidence" that Robson is lying, though what that is hasn't been made clear.

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