Lil Pump Is the Spokesperson for a New Weed Company

Pump is a brand ambassador as well as a partner in the new company.

lil pump

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lil pump

Lil Pump might be more suited to be the spokesperson for recreational Xanax use, but he'll take what he can get for now. The Harverd Dropout rapper will represent the new cannabis brand Smoke Unhappy, according to TMZ

Pump lent his extremely Gen Z branding to the company and snapped a photo of himself sitting on top of a pallet of Ridge Racer yellow vape cartridges. 


TMZ reports that Pump is a brand ambassador as well as a partner in the new company, launched by Kamil Mizstal and Larry Chachko. They hooked up with Pump via a mutual friendship with Eric the Jeweler. Pump's involvement with the brand hasn't exactly been kept secret. They posted a promo shot of the rapper to their Instagram all the way back in Mach. 


Lil Pump's involvement in a weed company makes sense, given that Pump can't even be bothered to put out his blunt while he's pumping gas. He was widely criticized earlier this month after video circulated of him puffing while filling up his tank. The company will sell a wide range of cannabis-related products, covering different ways of consuming CBD or THC. They will also sell gear like branded grinders and clothing. 

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