Jim Jones on Why He Doesn’t Think a G-Unit x Dipset ‘Verzuz’ Is Possible

If you're hoping to see some 50 vs. Cam'ron, Jim Jones has bad news. He doesn't think a 'Verzuz' between G-Unit and Dipset could ever happen.

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The recent reconciliation between Jeezy and Gucci Mane for an in-person Verzuz has expanded the horizons of what's possible on the wildly popular Instagram-based series. While Verzuz started off as a way for legends to face off against each other in a friendly battle, the addition of long-simmering rap beefs has added a new dimension and furthered fan suggestions for who should square off.

G-Unit vs. Dipset has been pitched as an extremely New York edition of the show, with a chance to put decades-long grudges to bed. But Jim Jones doesn't think we'll see Queens and Harlem coming together any time soon. In a recent appearance on Joe Budden's podcast, the Dipset member said there's no common ground between the two.

"People would love to see Dipset vs. G-Unit, but I doubt that would happen," Jones said. "There's no camaraderie."

He added that Dipset's discography is wider than G-Unit's, and took the opportunity to get another shot in at his long-time rivals. "What, we gonna listen to twenty 50 Cent records, pretty much? But let me stop taking jabs."

Jones thinks a Verzuz against G-Unit would be more tense than Jeezy vs. Gucci Mane. (To that, I remind readers that Gucci played "The Truth," a song about a failed hit on his life that ended in the death of Jeezy's friend.)  Still, he thinks it might get physical if they were in the same space.

"If there were a chance for the G-Unit thing would happen, I wouldn't exactly count it out," he said. "I'd say it would probably be even more aggressive than even the Jeezy/Guwop Verzuz. I wanna wrestle and fight and shit."

On to a Verzuz that might actually happen, French Montana said on a recent episode of 360 With Speedy Morman that he ended his animosity with Jones and the pair are open to a friendly showdown.

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