Watch ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown Talk About Having Sex With Aliens


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Danny Brown looks like the type of person who would want to talk about alien sex. And thanks to his whacked-out new talk show on Viceland, he can indulge in that particular strain of far-too-high conversation with famous folks. That's how Brown ended up on a hot couch with ASAP Rocky discussing whether or not they would smash various extraterrestrials (and Bill Clinton). 

The clip from Brown's new series Danny's House, features ASAP and Brown discussing the merits of different mocked-up aliens. 

In an interview with GQ.Brown said the just-a-little-bit-gone feel of the show was something they did intentionally.

"We wanted to have that YouTube conspiracy feel. Like a motherfucker who's stuck in his basement and he won't leave, and his friends show up, like, 'You gotta get out of the house, man,'" he said. "And next thing you know he's on some shit that he seen on the internet. We wanted to have that feel too, because nowadays that's how a lot of motherfuckers are."

While the show has a deliberate lo-fi feel, Brown said he's not above pulling a big-money stunt. He said if the network gave him a blank check, he'd try and get Donald Trump on to do an elaborate magic trick.

"I would probably pull some elaborate David Copperfield stunt or some shit where the odds of me living or dying—no, probably book the guest I want, where you can call their bluff and make them come," he added. "Like I could be able to talk to Donald Trump or some shit." 

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