Ariana Grande Comments on Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale’s Rumored Relationship

Grande is rooting for Pete and Kate.

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Ariana Grande said that she thinks Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale make a cute couple in a sneakily contentious back-and-forth with a TMZ paparazzo. 

The photographer followed Grande and her posse up and down a sidewalk in Culver City, California, shouting questions that Grande took turns ignoring or answering with a fair bit of snark. Before she entered a building, she shouted back that the rumored relationship between the equally press-hounded Davidson and Beckinsale was "so cute."

For the uninitiated: Davidson and Grande called off an engagement late last year. A lot has happened since then, including Grande turning the breakup narrative into a No. 1 single, but the most recent development seems to be a relationship between Davidson and the Underworld actress. The pair were spotted leaving a party together after the Golden Globes and later seen holding hands on the way out of one of Davidson's sets.

Both sides of the breakup have been gracious in public, with Grande taking the same tack as Davidson and wishing him the best

Grande was less open to the pap's questions about the Grammys. The singer reportedly pulled out of a performance at the awards show after producers tried to limit her options of what she could perform. According to reports from Variety, the producers tried to bar her from a standalone performance of her song "7 Rings." They eventually conceded that Grande could perform the song as part of a medley, provided they could pick the other songs. This was a bridge too far for Grande, who apparently walked away from the negotiating table and the ceremony as a whole. 

When asked about the story, Grande deflected by asking for restaurant recommendations, introducing her mother, and asking question's about the photographer. Clearly, the Grammys are a much fresher wound for Ariana.

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