Premiere: Listen to Slug Christ's 'The Crucifixion of Rapper Extraordinaire, Slug Christ' Album

The ascendant one drops what he calls his best work yet.

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Today Slug Christ dies for our sins.

The former band-vocalist turned Awful Records rapper-producer releases his album, The Crucifixion of Rapper Extraordinaire, Slug Christ. His music itself is difficult to compare to much that already exists, but if pressed, it sounds like if you were to marry the influence of Soulja Boy's "Zan With That Lean, Pt.2" to a student of industrial grindcore–which is pretty much the case.

After Iglesia: Olde Testament, Slug gave us both An Appointment With Hector (a collaborative EP with fellow Awful labelmate LuiDiamonds) and I Feel the Sadness in My Legs and the Happy in My Head, which itself was a prelude to today's Crucifixion. He is perhaps Awful's most polarizing and least accessible member, musically, but to himself and to his fans, he's God. We asked him a quick few questions about his new album... which turned into a back-and-forth on fractals, haters, and the infinite next dimensions. 

Describe the Slug Christ fan. 

They're usually weird. I attract weirdos. The ones that get it though, I call them Slug Christians. The ones that get it really love it, there's not a lot of wishy-washiness with me it's either you love me or hate me and I got songs about that exact subject matter. 

How would you describe your new album, Crucifixion?

If you've been keeping up my with releases I dropped Iglesia: Olde Testament, then I dropped I Feel the Sadness in My Legs and The Happy in My Head and that was an EP, a prelude to Crucifixion. So this album is Slug Christ's crucifixion, he...or I...he...whoever...

Well which one is it? "I" or "He"?

Nobody knows, not even me. I'm not fully aware of what's happening.

You're an instrument.

Yeah, I'm definitely just channeling my fourth-dimensional self. I am nothing but a shadow. See my shadow here is two-dimensional right. We live in three-dimensional world. The shadow cannot comprehend the third dimension so your shadow is just out there trying to be godly, trying to do what its better self does. And we are a shadow of the fourth dimension and can't comprehend it. So as long as you're out here trying to mimic your higher self's all good. You're on that god swag.

How does one know how to mimic one's fourth-dimensional self? Does a circle know how to mimic a sphere?

I don't know, I'm not a circle. I'm definitely a sphere. See that's what I'm talking about, the shadow doesn't even know you're there. I can't see my fourth-dimensional self, but if I trust myself enough to pursue the career I want to pursue to live my life how I want to live it, to believe what I want to believe, to make the music I want to make, then I'm doing me. I'm worshiping God in a sense. I'm worshiping myself. Because we're all God, we're all our own worshipers. 

Well who says the next dimension is better?

That's the thing, they're all the same. They say there's like 11 dimensions but I'm pretty sure they just go on forever and probably loop around eventually.

Loop around in a circle?


But then isn't that circle two-dimensional?

Just trying to be a sphere man, it goes on forever. You know that guy from Baywatch it like zooms in on his crotch and there's another guy in there and it's like the same picture and it just keeps zooming, it's like an infinite loop.

A fractal?

Yeah, that's how life works. Everything fractal. Errthang fractal. Back to my album. I've been curating these songs since summer. Some of these songs I made before "Look at Wrist" ever dropped, before we got any acclaim, before Makonnen popped off. Basically, it's like the best songs that I've made over the course of the last half-year. I think it's the best work I've made as a musician, in the ten years that I've been making music.

What's the opposite of a Slug Christian?


Describe that person. 

Someone who is set in modern times, or past times, or they're just not where I'm at you know, I'm a few hunnid years into the future.

What year is that?

It doesn't matter, it could be a billion years, it could be a hundred years, I'm just really far ahead. But the person who doesn't like my music is person who doesn't like Auto-Tune because they think Auto-Tune is cheating, when it's really just a fucking aesthetic, and they don't even fucking understand what art is, and they just get on YouTube and hate on people because they hate themselves. All I can do is feel sorry for them, because I'm up here in heaven dude, looking down on all the sinners burning. I don't get angry and I don't get sad for myself I get sad for them, because they don't see the light. One day maybe they will. God works in mysterious ways.

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