Quavo's Assistant Hit During Shooting Sues Bowling Alley Where Takeoff Was Killed

Attorneys representing Quavo's assistant, Joshua Washington, are pressing charges against the venue where Takeoff was tragically killed.

Matthew Grimes Jr. / Getty Images

Quavo's personal assistant, Joshua Washington, is pressing charges against the venue where Takeoff was killed.

Washington was among those wounded in the fatal shooting on November 1, 2022 that claimed Takeoff's life. Bakari Sellers from the Strom Law Firm and Audio Jones from the Law Office of Audio Jones are the attorneys representing Washington, according to a report by Fox 7 Austin on Thursday. They filed a lawsuit against 810 Houston, a billiards lounge and bowling alley, its owners, and their property managers. The lawsuit claims that the venue and the organizers didn't provide enough security, screening measures, nor emergency assistance before and after the shooting.

"810 Houston was warned that they needed extra security. They knew it was a hotspot for violent crime and that an after-hours event like this could turn deadly in a second. But they ignored those warnings and now they have blood on their hands," Sellers said in a statement.

The lawsuit also alleges that the defendants didn't employ basic security measures despite their assurances that these protocols were in place. "They had no properly trained security personnel, adequate signage, lighting, or cameras. They had no screening to keep out weapons. They didn't even have a working metal detector," said Jones.

"There was no one," said Washington, who's gun shot wound just barely missed his colon, according to the lawsuit. "The bullets started flying and no one came to help. There were no security guards trying to stop the shooting, no one came to help those of us who were hurt, no one at all. They just left us there to die."

In June, Takeoff's mother filed her own suit against the venue.

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