Miguel Suspended in the Air With Hooks in His Back During Shocking Performance to Promote New Album ‘Viscera’

Miguel's album preview event in Los Angeles took an unexpected turn, leaving fans in awe.

Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Sony

Warning: The below images are graphic.

Miguel is taking album promo to new heights, literally.

For his upcoming album VISCERA, the "Sure Thing" singer hosted a special "Viscera Experience" event at Sony Studios in Los Angeles Friday night (Aug. 25). But it turns out audiences at the invite-only event or watching at home via livestream would be in for so much more than just a preview of new music.

On stage, a bare-backed Miguel had staff members on stage pierce metal hooks through his back and attach him to wires hanging down from the ceiling. Miguel is seen taking a few steps forward and it's revealed that the hooks are in fact pulling on his bare skin.

Life began imitating art when he was suddenly suspended in the air to perform a new song with lyrics such as "I'm hanging onto nothing / I'm hanging from the ceiling." After the song, Miguel was gently lowered back onto the stage deck and promptly had the hooks removed.

Although the LP doesn't have a release date yet, VISCERA will be Miguel's first studio album since 2017's War & Leisure.

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In April, Miguel officially returned to music with his single "Give It to Me" after his 2013 cut "Sure Thing" went viral on TikTok.

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