Jelleestone Drops New Single "Stay Cold" Produced by Noah “40” Shebib

The venerated Rexdale rapper returns with a new hard-hitting track produced by Noah "40" Shebib, Drake's right-hand man. He says there's much more on the way.

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You may know Jelleestone best for his early aughts single “Money Pt. 1,” but the venerated Rexdale rapper has been busy putting in work on the low. He’s just dropped a new single, “Stay Cold,” produced by Drake’s right-hand man Noah “40” Shebib.

The track is a street-rap throwback that begins with a 40-esque chopped and screwed sample before launching into a hard-hitting, piano-and-808s-based beat. It hears Jelleestone compare Toronto’s cold weather to the frigid, inhospitable conditions in its inner-city communities. “Same tricks, same hustle, same game, same trap/ Ever since the first fiend took a hit and came back/ Same punk politicians and they broken promises/ And they ain’t never listen so ain’t no hope for tomorrow’s kids,” the gravelly-voiced MC spits. 

The track’s music video, shot by BrownGuyMadeit and edited by YellowNunchuks Films, cuts between scenes of Jelleestone cruising around downtown Toronto in a Rolls Royce and puffing cigars on his Rexdale block with his crew.

40 has long shown an affinity for Jelleestone, from shouting the rapper out on social media to producing songs for him in the past. It appears Drake is a fan as well—on 2016’s “Weston Road Flows,” he interpolated the chorus for Jellee’s “Money Pt. 1” at the end of the track.

“‘Stay Cold’ is just one of much more in the vault,” Jelleestone tells us. He says 1,000 comments on his latest Instagram post will unlock plenty more new music.

Peep the video for “Stay Cold” above.

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