Travis Scott Ad-Libs to Cecily Strong's Rap in 'SNL' Promo

A new 'Saturday Night Live' promo makes it clear that Travis Scott won't let you get away with saying “Rocktober."

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Does anyone have an extra Casper mattress lying around? Because it’s obvious our man Travis Scott is not getting enough sleep. Between raising a new baby and releasing ASTROWORLD, Scott is resigned to dozing off during the promo for this week’s episode SNLwith Awkwafina

In the new video, Scott attempts to hold his head up and keep his eyes open as Cecily Strong and Awkwafina carry the conversation. Maybe it’s all an act, in which case Scott is a surprisingly convincing actor, but part of me couldn't help but scream “good god, someone get this man a pillow!” Don't believe it? Watch the video up top. 

In the second and the third promos, Scott does speak up for a moment, first encouraging Strong’s cringey rap skills and then checking the cast member for using the term “Rocktober.” When he’s not speaking, Scott either shakes his head or tilts it back out of exhaustion.


Hopefully the Houston-raised rapper will be able to squeeze in a nap before Saturday’s show, but regardless it’ll probably be better than pretty good compared to Kanye West’s showing last week. This appearance comes before La Flame kicks off his Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour in Baltimore next month.

Scott isn’t the star of this weekend's show, however. Queens-raised Awkwafina takes the stage to hostSaturday Night Live for her first time. The actress starred in two blockbuster hits this year, Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8, and her history of hilarious antics make it a promising appearance. 

Check out her other over-the-top promo with cast member Beck Bennett below.

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