French Montana Addresses People Who Are Calling His Abs Fake

After gracing the December issue of 'XXL,' French Montana is quieting haters who mocked the rapper's cover photo and claimed his abs were spray-painted.

french montana abs

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french montana abs

French Montana is quieting the naysayers by giving a new glimpse of his fit figure. 

After sharing his new XXL cover on Monday, haters flocked to mock the shirtless Montana for his allegedly spray-painted abs. 

But the rapper returned to Instagram to let everybody know they’re the real deal.

“They said I spray painted my six pack on 🤦‍♂️ I got catfished too many times to catfish my people lol I just got to it!” Montana wrote. “Nothing beats hard work and always remember there’s some people out there that don’t want you to be great  #2021#bts#xxlcovershoot” 

Montana graced the cover of XXL’s new issue sharing the details of his new health journey following a trip to the ICU last year as a result of his self-described alcohol and drug abuse.

"[I] Just collapsed, too much drinking, too many pills,” he told the magazine. “Perocet starts off as pain relief, and then it ends up being a hobby, and then it ends up being an addiction.”

It’s been over a year now since the rapper quit drinking, and with a new lease on life he decided to switch up his lifestyle, which included a total detox and hitting the gym to get those new abs. 

"When I went to the hospital, they were like, 'If you drink you'll die. That's why I took a break.'" Montana added. "I just, you know, I just did French 2.0. And this is how I changed it. Stepped back, took two steps back, didn't drop no music, detox from social media... And I think that was like the hardest thing I ever did in my life, to snatch myself back. So, for me to stop everything and just step back, that was like one of my biggest accomplishments."

Now y'all let this man celebrate his new body! 

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