Cardi B Drops Her Acrobatic "Money" Video

Cardi shows us exactly why she deserves her shmoney in this thrilling video.

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Cardi B is closing out her year with the visual for her latest single "Money," and it's worth every cent. Watch it above.

It's no secret that just a few years ago Cardi's money moves involved hustling as a stripper, and now we can see why she was so successful at it. Becalis pulls off some wild pole moves with acrobatic flare in this new video. The whole thing is very glamourous and glitzy, as we have come to expect from the Bronx rapper, and it's a high note for her to end 2018 on. 

As we all know, 2018 was BIG year for Bardi, who made history several times over, released her double platinum debut album, had a baby, launched a collection with Fashion Nova, and was nominated for five Grammys.

She also faced her fair share of drama this year, getting into 2018's most epic feud with Nicki Minaj. This year can be summed up in Cardi B’s forehead knot as she left the Harper’s Bazaar party during New York fashion week. She also dealt with legal troubles and the very public breakup with her husband and collaborator Offset. This video reminds us that in spite of all the things that happened in 2018, Cardi B is still about her shmoney.

Cardi recently went on Instagram Live to share her goal for 2019: making at least $50 million. That's no small feat for a rapper who is less than two years in the mainstream game, but with several No. 1 hits under her belt, she'll more than likely pull it off. "Money" is the first single off whatever project Cardi B plans to put out next (even if it's just the rumored deluxe Invasion of Privacy), but if this video is any indication, Cardi's sophomore effort won't disappoint.

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