Cardi B Goes in On Trump: 'I Bet If He Can Do What Hitler Did He F*cking Will'

Cardi calls it how she sees it.

Cardi B recently hit social media to share the real tea about The Donald-in-chief. In a since-deleted Instagram post, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared a screenshot of the tweet below, subtly wishing death on the leader of the free world.

One user responded to the post asking why Cardi would share it, writing, “I know the man is most hated but why wish death on him sis?”

Of course, Cardi B provided the perfect response. “Why should I feel bad this man probably wishes anybody that is not white death,” Becalis wrote. “I bet if he can do what Hitler did HE FUCKING WILL.”

While we’re not to the point of mass genocide (*yet), Cardi B isn’t wrong. She’s speaking on the man who is destroying DACA, ignoring Puerto Rico, and calling predominately black and brown countries “shitholes.”

You know who else hated immigrants and people of color? Hitler.

This isn’t the first—and hopefully not last—time Cardi B called out Trump for what he is. In response to his “shithole” comment, Cardi B joined the chorus of literally everyone who slammed him for being the only shithole in sight.

Meanwhile, the Bronx rapper is thriving in every definition of the word. Her feature on Bruno Mars’ “Finesse (Remix)” blasted to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the two are getting ready to perform it at the 2018 Grammys. She's also prepping the wedding for her and Offset, who just tatted her name on his neck, and we’re still waiting on that debut album. It’s honestly a blessing that Becalis takes from her busy schedule to time to educate the people. Cardi B loves history, and she knows how easily it repeats itself.  

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