Bow Wow and Lil Mama Went on IG Live Looking Appropriately Identical

Take the shades off Lil Mama!

Bow Wow Lil Mama

Image via Getty/Paras Griffin

Bow Wow Lil Mama

After years of folks believing Lil Mama and Bow Wow could possibly be the same person, new footage of the two artists video chatting on IG Live is once again proving otherwise.

But now we’ve arrived at a whole new conspiracy theory: They must be related. In the video, the two are literally wearing the same outfit. It’s unclear if this is planned, because although Bow Wow seems completely taken by surprise, he is known to fib from time to time. Some IG users also pointed out that Lil Mama purposefully dressed in Bow Wow's image. 

Still, the visual is uncanny. I mean, it doesn’t seem totally far fetched that they might be twins separated from birth. In the video, Bow Wow shouts at Lil Mama to take her shades off so they look less like one another. “They gonna meme us,” he shouts prophetically.

Behind Avril Lavigne's alleged death and Demi Lovato's twin Poot, the Bow Wow = Lil Mama theory is one of the funnier musical conspiracies people on Twitter have conjured up. 

Other videos and photos of the artists together have debunked this theory time and time again. They are even on the same TV show together, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. But the matching outfits now have people convinced there must be a telepathic twin energy at work. 

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