Fans Are Convinced This Is More Proof Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Going on Tour Soon

Are Beyoncé and Jay Z going on tour again? Fans seem to think they have more proof it will happen.

There is more speculation brewing in the Beyhive that Beyoncé and Jay Z could be getting ready to go on tour together soon. A page on Ticketmaster is the source of the hysteria, and supposed evidence that a follow-up to their 2014 On the Run Tour might be on its way.

On Wednesday, the Beyoncé fan account @YonceHub tweeted “A page for 'Beyoncé & Jay Z' has appeared on Ticketmaster UK’s official website!” Another account, @yonceslay04 responded with “USA too.”

You guys... Ticketmaster UK just updated with a "Beyonce and Jay Z" page which I know for a fact was not there before. I suspect they're about to announce a joint tour.

— n. (@nvthvliex) February 21, 2018

USA too 😭

— . (@forevrthatgirl) February 21, 2018

Do I want Bey to go on tour with jay? Absolutely not... Will I still empty my bank account on some tickets if she does? You bet the fuck I will

— Teyoncé (@_teyonceknowles) February 21, 2018

Fans and media have been speculating about a new joint tour for weeks. Last month, Laura Stylez of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning talked about the rumored tour on-air. “So, this a rumor. I have my sources, ok. So, don’t ask me any questions,” she said. “And again, it’s a rumor. I heard, that somebody told, that somebody told me, that somebody told me that The Carters–Jay Z and Beyoncé–might, this is a might, be announcing a tour very soon.”

For what it's worth, the Ticketmaster page itself may be from the On the Run Tour days, with people picking up on it now.

Fans seem divided on the prospect of another Carter family tour. Some are not happy with the idea of Bey trekking around the country with Jay, who many in the Beyhive still hold a grudge against for his infidelity laid bare on both Lemonade and 4:44.

Others are absolutely thrilled. 

It's unclear what a new Bey-Jay tour might look like. Both have already toured separately for their latest albums, but in November Jay Z confirmed that there was still a joint album in the works. Perhaps the rumored tour could be accompanied by the new project. More importantly: will Blue be performing?  

The "Beyoncé & Jay Z" page has no dates listed  yet. Complex has reached out to Ticketmaster for comment.

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