The Best New Australian Music From March 2023

We're back with the best new releases from March 2023! We saw drops from some of the scene's heavyweights including MAMMOTH, Billymaree, Gold Fang and more.

Best New AUstralian Music March 2023
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Best New AUstralian Music

Best New AUstralian Music March 2023

Throughout the month of March, Australia’s hip-hop and R&B listeners were spoiled for choice with the release of a bunch of tracks from our local artists. Many opted for more relaxed, experimental soundscapes that tapped into the sub-genres of melodic rap and alternative R&B. There were also some groovier tracks on the roster that flaunted upbeat tempos and catchier hooks. When it comes to expressions of clever wordplay and lyrical cadence, as always, our local scene delivered—with some artists offering up a more vulnerable side of themselves in this month’s releases. Read on below for our list of standout tracks from the month of March.

"Ghosts", Ivan Ooze

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Tenured hip-hop artist Ivan Ooze dropped his latest single “Ghosts’’, which features a tasteful selection of experimental hip-hop sounds and gritty drum synths. To accompany the track, Ivan released a self-directed music video that seemingly portrays a satirical narrative of Ivan and his friends. An entertaining watch, the visual additions cleverly complement the complex layering of Ivan’s lyrical cadence and also features a cameo of the track’s talented producer, JUJO. The intricacies of JUJO’s production across this track are criminally underrated, and effortlessly bond the different elements that Ivan offers as a singer/songwriter. The fusion of cross-genre sounds, corroborated with Ivan’s playful and widely diverse vocal range, creates a solid listen when revelling in this release.

"Truth Hurts", MAMMOTH. & chub.e

Representing Melbourne’s western suburbs and the Picked Last collective, MAMMOTH. has teamed up with artist chub.e for their latest single, “Truth Hurts”. Throughout the song, MAMMOTH. showcases his adept wordplay and storytelling skills, colourfully adding vulnerability and depth to the track’s lyrics. What makes this single a standout is how effortlessly MAMMOTH. and chub.e complement both one another and the track’s chill, slow-rhythm sonics. In addition, the music video takes us to the streets of Melbourne, giving us insight into the world of MAMMOTH. and the ones closest to him. The visual aesthetics are soft on the eyes and mirror the same sensory experience that is the track’s production. We look forward to hearing more from this duo in future.


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First time collaborators OX4ORD & VOLDY’s recent single “SAY NOTHIN’” shares their grievances about the music industry and its at times fickle nature. The track, equal parts singing and rapping, cleverly employs groovy sonics that serve as backdrop for a much larger, nuanced conversation. Artist OX4ORD also produced the track under the name YAAK, adding to his already prolific list of musical talents. This pair isn’t to be overlooked, as they continue to showcase their respective but complementary crafty and diverse skill sets.

"Bad Habits", Craigiewave & Gabriel LCR

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West Melbourne artist Craigiewave’s recent single “Bad Habits” is a versatile listen that features the complementary vocals of fellow local music artist, Gabriel LCR. The track creates a vibey atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of a single genre through layered keys, trap insertions and electronic/house sounds. For Craigiewave, this was an exciting and highly-anticipated release, as the local artist last dropped music over a year and a half ago. In 2023 we’re happy to have Craigiewave back, continuing to put on for Polynesian artists across the nation and beyond.

"BONNIE", Billymaree

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After much anticipation, Billymaree graced the month of March with her first single of the year, “BONNIE”. Off the back of a standout year in 2022, Billymaree continues to deliver when it comes to creating a vibe with her music, and “BONNIE”—a track that draws on contemporary R&B sounds and rhythms—is consistent with this. As she captivates listeners with her shimmery vocal prowess and intricate lyricism, it’s hard to not become instantly immersed in Billymaree’s smooth sound. There’s no doubt the Western Sydney artist reigns as one of Australia’s leading vocalists in the space—meaning it’s only a matter of time before Billymaree cements her place at the top.

“Jards Macalé, Light of Day”, Chef Chung

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Since the release of his 2021 project Balance, Chef Chung has returned to drop his latest single “Jards Macalé, Light of Day”. This track is the total opposite of overstimulating—employing lo-fi, jazz-inflected beats to set the tone—with Chef Chung’s vocals sitting at the nexus of melodic rap and alternate rap. The accompanying music video was directed by Lau Shek-Wa and Tom Lewis, with Chef Chung’s artistic and creative influences embedded throughout. This release comes as the Melbourne artist gears up for the release of his next album, which if this track is anything to go by, will be one we’re looking forward to.

“MT FRANKLIN”, Manny Müla

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Melbourne west-sider Manny Müla has released his latest single “MT FRANKLIN”. The track opens with an air of eeriness, but once the beat kicks in becomes coloured in both traditional and experimental trap sounds, supported by punchy 808s. No stranger to clever punchlines and effortless flows, Manny has continued to elevate his lyrical ability by strengthening his wordplay and vocal intonations—and we can’t wait to hear more from him. 

“Remedy”, Gold Fang

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Recently celebrated as one of Acclaim Magazine’s All Stars for 2023, Gold Fang is showing no signs of slowing down. Off the back of his second single of the year “Remedy”, Gold Fang returned in a matter of weeks to release his album SMOOVE KILLA. Driven by his own narrative and personal stories, Fang carefully balances the dynamic of dancehall energy, vulnerable lyricism and traditional sounds of the Caribbean on the album. “Remedy” is a brilliant showcase of Fang’s charismatic vocals and strong song writing abilities, and as one of the nation’s most favoured hip-hop acts, we look forward to hearing more of Gold Fang’s music and all that’s to come.

"Move", Niasha

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Zimbabwe-born, Melbourne-based artist Niasha has released her latest single “Move”, and it doesn’t take much to realise that this song is her way of letting us know that nothing and no one is going to stand in her way. Her commanding and fierce lyricism sets the tone from the beginning of the track, allowing Niasha to delve deeper into themes of belonging and self-preservation. Production wise, the single sonically hybridises genres that Niasha has experimented with before, including but not limited to hip-hop, R&B, dancehall and trap. With that being said, if you’re ever in need of a song to remind you of your worth, it’s time you listened to Niasha.

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