Watch Ty Senoj's Wild Music Video for New Single "Danana"

Ty takes us on a retro-inspired trip.

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Ty Senoj has always been ahead of the curve. Last time we checked in on the pozers mastermind, he was blending abrasive sonics with melodic earworm flows on his second and excellent full-length tape, Metrosexual 2. Now, and after a bit of artistic hibernation, the Toronto-based creative is back with a new uptempo bop and an accompanying music video. Entitled "Danana", the fun and contagious offering automatically becomes the hottest track to use onomatopoeia since *checks notes* "Super Bass". 

Co-produced by DZL and Ty himself, "Danana" tells the tale of an internet muse who quickly reveals herself to be a little too dangerous for the singer in question. Armed with bouncy 808s and a hypnotic guitar loop, the single is a refreshing departure from all of the dark and moody sonics Ty's hometown is best known for.

The music video, which also dropped today, provides a lighthearted look at a relationship through a sepia-tinged lens and combines it with mad Stepford Wives aesthetic. Ty explained the quirky throwback concept to us in an email. "Although we live in a world controlled by technology and social media, traditional relationships have withstood the test of time. Through this video, I was trying to re-enact what a traditional relationship looks like to me."

You can watch the whole Justin Abernethy-directed joint above via YouTube. "Danana" is also available to play on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify below.

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