Toronto's Next: Rapper/Producers You Should Know

Get to know Toronto's best rapper/producers.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate artists that create the entirety of their own projects. It’s a particular skill that, when executed properly, is nothing short of impressive. Artists like Big K.RI.T., Black Milk, J. Cole, and of course, Kanye West, all have that critical advantage to their work. Being responsible for the entire creative process often opens up a new avenue for expression and always adds an extra edge. Once upon a time, this lane in Toronto was visibly dominated by the maestro Rich Kidd. Recently, however, some excellent new blood has been making noise. Here are five dope Toronto rapper/producers to get acquainted with.


Twitter: @DevonteeWOE

We premiered Devontée’s latest banger "Keeping 6" earlier this year, so hopefully you’re already in the know. The original woe consistently hops on his own production, and unsurprisingly, the results are great. His flow never wavers through his soulful, raw, and sometimes odd instrumentation.


Raz Fresco

Twitter: @RazFresco

Raz Fresco is another rapper/producer with a chip on his shoulder, and for good reason. Take a listen to Pablo Frescobar, and realize that he deserves every bit of recognition. Raz takes '90s boom-bap and ages it like a fine wine. He’s already garnered cosigns from Bishop Nehru and Raekwon, and now it’s time for the rest of us to pay attention.


Tasha The Amazon

Twitter: @TashaTheAmazon

​Tasha The Amazon and Danthrax form a production duo known as Bass and Bakery. Together, the two craft melodically-tinged bangers. Tasha capably flexes on her tracks and does so with confidence and authority. Check out "Tru Life" to see what we mean.


Keita Juma

Twitter: @kjforshort

​Keita Juma’s trap-influenced ambience is damn near narcotic. The production remains smooth even when staccato fused drums are introduced into the fold, and Juma’s flow nicely augments the whole package. He also gets points simply for referencing Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Tre Mission

Twitter: @TreMission

The UK grime scene is finally getting love overseas, and with it, new fans are being treated to a gold mine of talent. While the whole Boy Better Know clique continues to blow up in North America, one of grime’s most promising artists has been right here for a minute. Tre Mission has been bubbling for quite some time now, and during such, has picked up a cosign from JME and other UK taste makers. Signed to Big Dada, Mission becomes part of an impressive roster including contemporaries like Wiley, Kate Tempest, as well as jungle legend, Congo Natty.


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