Feid Shares Video for New Track "Nieve"

Colombian singer and songwriter Feid is back with the deathofgian-directed video for his new track “Nieve,” which was produced by Sky Rompiendo.

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Colombian artist Feid is back with the video for his new track “Nieve.” The song was produced by Sky Rompiendo, who also helped to write the track.

Speaking to Complex, Feid explained how the track came together. “‘Nieve’ came to life in a studio session with Sky [Rompiendo] a couple months ago while working on a song that had nothing to do with this one,” the artist explained. “Sky started working on the beat and as soon as I put on the headphones I knew I wanted to hop on this track because I had been looking for something in this sort of vibe for my live show. I recorded it in one take that was that. We only had to fine tune some drums and work on the details but the original take is pretty much the end result. Shout-out Jowan and Rolo for helping me record the track too!”

Feid continued by talking about the concept behind the track’s visuals and a little bit about his upcoming album.

“The idea behind the video is continuing to bring the universe we’ve been building around past videos starting with ‘Chimbita’ and continues developing around the comic we made for the album, La Mafia,” Feid said. “We have the same model/protagonist from my past videos, the symbolism around La Mafia with the men in red and more. This will give way to a part two of my comic which will drop with my forthcoming album—I’ll give you guys the title later down the line, haha.”

Check out the music video for “Nieve,” which was directed by deathofgian and features the artist getting into an altercation with the aforementioned group of men in red, up top. You can also stream the track below via Spotify or over on other streaming platforms.



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