Premiere: Sirens Of Lesbos Mark A New Era With Reggae-Tinged Single "We'll Be Fine"

The video was animated by Canadian director Jeremy Roberts who has worked with Disney, Marvel and DC in the past.

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Swiss band Sirens Of Lesbos release anime-inspired visuals for their new reggae-tinged single "We'll Be Fine" on their eponymous label. Known for their club hits, the group have traded that sound in for light melodies and guitar licks, with a hint of classic analogue '60s and '70s pop and soul acts. Armed with a new label, new single and a new sound, today marks a new era for the group moving forward.

Speaking on the video, group member Arci Friede told Complex: "The budget was quite limited, so shooting with a team and everything was not an option. So we thought about a lyrics video but wanted more than just animated typos. The Serag sisters' older brother is a manga/anime fancier so the girls grew up with these series and movies and just kind of like the aesthetic. Also, we were looking for something that would seem unexpected, non-typical for a reggae-ish song."

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