50 Cent took to Instagram on Wednesday to praise Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special The Closer, which features the comedian poking fun at DaBaby’s homophobic comments.

“Dave Chappelle is a funny mother *ucker that was flawless,” he wrote. “Hip hop loves things that are damaged, that’s the beauty of the culture. @dababy is on a new path music has changed everything. LOL”

The stand-up special, which took place in Detroit and serves as the final offering in Chappelle’s $60 million Netflix deal, hit the streamer on Tuesday. 

Early on in The Closer, the 48-year-old comedian addresses the LGBTQ community in an effort to “negotiate the release of DaBaby.”

“He pushed the button, didn’t he? He pushed the button, punched the [LGBTQ] community right in the AIDS,” Chappelle jokes. “Can’t do that, can’t do that. But I do believe—and I’ll make this point later—that the kid made a very egregious mistake. I will acknowledge that. But, you know, a lot of the [LGBTQ] community doesn’t know DaBaby’s history. He’s a wild guy.”

After acknowledging that DaBaby made “a very egregious mistake” with his Rolling Loud comments, Chappelle brought up a fatal 2018 Walmart shooting alleged to have involved the North Carolina rapper.

“He once shot a n***a and killed him in Walmart. Nothing bad happened to his career. Do you see where I’m going with this? In our country, you can shoot and kill a n***a but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings.”

Check out the DaBaby-related portion of Chappelle’s special in 50 Cent’s IG post up top.