Last year, we brought you news of Soundbooth, a new hub for the development of artists across the continent that was created by SNIPES—one of Europe’s biggest sneaker and streetwear retailers. The Soundbooth team had teamed up with three rising musicians from across the continent to push a new campaign built on the theme of collaboration. Last summer, we were introduced to their three selected talents from across Europe—France’s Vicky R, Spain’s DEVA, and Italy’s Axell—and now Soundbooth have announced that the trio of artists have been collaborating with masked London rhymer M Huncho on a blockbuster track and visual that’s out now.

The aim of the Soundbooth concept was to push the three talents, offer them mentorship and create meaningful opportunities to make their already impressive ascents that little bit steeper. Each of the artists included in the summer-long project already had considerable fanbases in their respective home countries, but the Soundbooth team wanted to focus on growing that, but even more importantly, help them to break beyond and find success on an international level.

In a world as competitive as the music industry, talent incubators like Soundbooth are essential. As M Huncho explains, it’s not just about giving the next generation a promotional boost, it’s about passing on essential knowledge that can sometimes be lost to gatekeeping. “I think the more platforms out to support the creative youth the better,” he explains. “It’s a hard industry to crack and support and guidance is definitely needed, especially for the younger generation.”

To the credit of everyone involved, progress has been quick and it’s clear their efforts have been focused on creating long-lasting and meaningful success rather than flash-in-the-pan buzz. In the initial phase of the plan last summer, SNIPES and Soundbooth spent time offering mentorship and guidance, laying the foundations, and giving each artist the right tools to sustain them in the long term.