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2020 was a fruitful year for Maths Time Joy. Besides producing a stack of smouldering hits for Mahalia (among others), the London-based producer also put out a respectable batch of his own releases, teaming up with some of the finest voices in soul and R&B. As he looks out to the year ahead, he's got one last treat to close the door on the year past: the visual treatment for his collaboration with Sinéad Harnett and J Warner, "Real Deal".

A swirl of grainy home video snippets of Sinead and Jay in the studio, stirred into disjointed images of sun-kissed palm trees, road trips and cityscapes, the abstract nostalgia that comes out of it fits neatly with the track's nods to vintage soul and R&B of an era gone by. Timeless rather than stuck in the past, "Real Deal" is exactly what it says it is.

Speaking more on the track, MTJ shares: "I always wanted to try and make something close to a classic soul song, but stylised around more modern production. Jay and I started the track together and then Jay had the idea to have Sinéad make it into a duet."

Press play on the visuals exclusively above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.