A New Jersey couple who rented out their mansion to A Boogie wit da Hoodie is so dissatisfied/pissed about his alleged actions as their tenant that they've filed a lawsuit against him seeking more than $260,000.

That compensation they're aiming to get, officially totaling $263,592, is being sought due to damages A Boogie allegedly inflicted. Included in those damages is (as Page Six puts it) clogged up toilets that were so backed up sewage seeped out through the floors. Put in a slightly more formal fashion, the lawsuit says the rapper (real name: Julius Dubose) left the home with "bathroom toilets clogged and overrun by sewerage material which penetrated through the floors and damaging ceilings below."

The $3.3 million abode is owned by a local doctor, Lawrence Guarino, and his wife, Carol. It was available for rent for the price of $10,000 per month back in 2017. 

Last week the pair filed a lawsuit in New Jersey's Hackensack Superior Court. 

Boogie reportedly leased the home for a year, stretching from 2017 into 2018. At some point in-between that period, Boogie is said to have abandoned it, with Northjersey.com reporting that Lawrence entered the house in December 13, 2018 after making several (failed) attempts to contact his famous tenant.

The house as it's described throughout this write-up is alleged to be the condition it was in when Lawrence re-entered it in December 2018. 

In addition to the plumbing issues, the damage was also said to include: “carpets cut out and mismatched pieces replaced damages, stains and tears throughout,’’ “entry doors to be left open with evidence of extensive water damage,’’ “walls and trim damaged” and “damage to the landscape,” while the suit also said that “two vehicles had been abandoned on the property."

The couple is looking to acquire the stated six-figure sum: "[As] a direct and proximate result of the negligent, reckless and/or carelessness of the defendants." They also claim "the Property sustained extensive damage … that left it unable to be leased until extensive repairs were conducted."

Last month Dubose was arrested on drug and weapons charges, after a search warrant was executed on his home in Demarest, New Jersey. Those charges include one count of unlawful possession of a handgun, and one count of possession of marijuana. After the arrest healong with his manager and security guardwas released on his own recognizance.