Chaos has ensued in the nation's capital. This prompted Cardi B to point out the obvious difference in the way the police have responded to this and the way they reacted to the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Where the National guards ?" Cardi questioned on Twitter. "The irony is pretty funny.........weren’t people just wild animals in the summer for demanding justice and now? ......Let me just watch."

Crowds of Donald Trump supporters have swarmed Washington, D.C. for a "Stop The Steal" rally. This rally was being held on the National Mall but then started to transition to the Capitol as emotions began to flair. As things escalated, rioters stormed the Capitol building. 

Unlike the mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, the storming of the Capitol building was met with little resistance from any uniformed officials. There was a report of one fatal shooting, but there were also videos of law enforcement allowing the gates to be open and taking selfies with the domestic terrorists.