50 Cent continues to wage wars against MAGA supporters with his latest Instagram post. 

At this point, anyone wearing a red hat with lettering can be labeled pro-Trump. So even though it's unclear if the subject of the video had a Make America Great Again hat on, Fif decided to attribute his dumb behavior to his assumed political views.

"yes your country, your street pole , your ass better pay attention to what your doing," 50 captioned the video. 

The clip appeared to be taken by a dash camera. In the video, a man was walking across the street when the car happened to roll into the crosswalk. This angered the pedestrian, prompting him to take his attention away from his dog and destination to curse at the driver while he was walking. That proved to be a fateful mistake as he ran directly into a light pole. Instead of cutting his losses and moving on with his day, the man made matters worse by threatening to hit the driver before the video ended.

Although 50 jokingly supported Trump during the election due to Biden's alleged tax hikes, the mogul decided to put the jokes aside once a pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol last week. 50 took it upon himself to remind his followers that Nation Guard troops were deployed to deter Black Live Matters protesters from stepping foot on national landmarks in Washington, D.C. But, these terrorists were seemingly aided when storming the Capitol. 50's post pointing out the difference was restricted by Instagram which only made him double down on his sentiments.