On Monday, Young Thug took to Instagram where he seemingly denied accusations of abuse from his longtime girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae. In his Instagram Story, Thug claims that he's been "single for dam near 2 years," giving the impression that her tweets aren't about him.

"Been single for dam near 2 years now," Thugger wrote. "Stop thinking everything about me."

Thug's comments come after Jerrika proclaimed on Twitter that she was heading into 2021 as a single woman, while alluding to abuse.

"Why misuse and abuse something or someone, why not leave them be! That’s some narcissistic shit," she wrote in now-deleted tweets. "You behind the scenes painting pictures of me, like ima fucked up individual…when you the devil."

Young Thug and Jerrika seem to be on two different pages when it comes to their relationship. While Thug is telling the public that he and Jerrika aren't an item, Jerrika was still professing to be the rapper's fiancée as early as last year. Jerrika is also signed to Thug's YSL label under the moniker Karlae.