T.I. is back with another problematic opinion on his daughters’ sexuality.

Tip interviewed 21 Savage for a new episode of his ExpediTIously podcast, where The L.I.B.R.A. rapper called spending quality time with his daughters “thot prevention hours.” His comments were in response to 21, who said he naturally feels more overprotective for his daughters than his sons, which Tip agreed with.

“Because sons can’t get pregnant,” T.I. said. “You can’t keep her from running into one of them niggas. Me and Lil Duval call it thot prevention hours. Keep your daughter off the pole. You spending time going to daddy-daughter dances and taking her on trips where it’s just you and her, those are thot prevention hours.”

“You don’t do that, they’re gonna be somewhere in Magic City tryna figure it out. That is absolutely necessary for any father," he continued. "If you ain’t putting in your thot prevention hours and your daughter end up a dancer, don’t blame her now. You did not set an example. You did not show what the fuck it was that she should be doing versus what she’s doing.”

Once again, the rapper is facing backlash for his remarks over disrespect for sex workers, applying a double standard to how he raises his kids, and his apparent obsession with his daughters' sex lives.

Last year, T.I. found himself in hot water when he revealed that he attended his daughter Deyjah’s gynecologist appointments to ensure that her hymen was still “intact.” He later apologized and described why he parents his daughters differently than his sons.