Rising Brooklyn drill mc Smoove'L dropped his Interscope debut, Boy From Brooklyn, earlier this year, and he's already back with a follow-up release.

Ice Cups and Shootouts is Smoove's debut studio album, and his second full-length release of the year, building on his considerable momentum. Unlike his first full-length project of the year, Ice Cups features two guest appearances, from Fleazi Bambino and Toosii. His more-melodic approach to the Brooklyn drill sound sets him apart, and Ice Cups is one of his strongest showcases to date.

The album features the previously released singles "Apollos," "Period," and "4 The Fashion."

"Ice Cups is something that brings people together, parties, NY basketball games or just hanging on the block – celebration," said Smoove of the new record. "Shootouts – just a reminder of being from the hood and having to watch your back. Even with good times come bad – grief."

Listen to Ice Cups and Shootouts above.