According to a report from TMZ, Rihanna is being sued for allegedly using a song in an ad for Fenty without the artists’ permission. 

King Khan and Saba Lou, a German father-daughter musical duo, claim Rihanna’s team used music from their song “Good Habits (and Bad)” in one of her Instagram posts promoting Fenty brand accessories. 

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In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the duo claims Rihanna used their original music and lyrics, but “did not have their blessing, or legal permission, to use the tune.” Instead they claim she “ripped it from a music streaming platform."

The ad in question allegedly received 3.4 million views. They are now suing Rihanna for damages. 

This isn’t the first time Riri faced accusations of lifting someone else’s work. Earlier this year, artist and designer Selah Marley insinuated that the global pop star stole some of her ideas for Rihanna’s fall Savage x Fenty show. 

"As a young, independent, female black artist, I genuinely feel robbed. I’m not signed to any label.. I don’t have any investors. I just have myself & the people who support me. It took A LOT to pull this together & to see it replicated almost exactly with no mention of my name or the work I previously put in is just ridiculous,” Marley shared in a since-deleted post. “The first photo is the recent Savage x Fenty show. The other photos are A Primordial Place. What do you think?"

Rihanna has yet to respond to the new lawsuit.