All around the world, we've all been doing what we can to adjust to varying states of lockdown. That means different things in different countries, but generally speaking it's forced us to stay at home and make the best of it. For producer narou that involves camping out in his bedroom studio and calling on his friends Mike Nasa and Kijana to come over and keep themselves entertained by forming a trio under the fitting name at the crib., which has now borne its third single, "40 In The Friendzone".

The new musical outlet, they say, is "the epitome of the 2020 experience," an experiment to stave off boredom and at the same time document this bizarre collective state. "40 In The Friendzone" keeps things stripped back to a core of producer/vocalist narou and Kijana's duelling vocals and Cali-born Nasa's bars, all of which come together to create a subtle brand of bedroom pop with a soothing aesthetic to counter the madness of our times.

Tune in below.