Nipsey Hussle's impact is priceless, but legally, there has finally been a dollar amount assessed to the rapper. 

TMZ reported on Tuesday that Nipsey's estate has been valued at a little over $4.1 million. Nipsey built his brand on ownership, and according to the appraisal services, he was practicing what he preached. Most of Nip's net worth came from his trademark portfolio, shares of companies he owned, as well as jewelry that appreciated with value—like gold necklaces and Rolexes. 

Nipsey reportedly owned a 25 percent share of stock in The Marathon Clothing brand which was valued at over $270,000. The 100 percent interest he had in All Money In No Money Out, Inc. was worth more than $2 million. He also owned his likeness, name, voice, signature, and other trademarks that are valued at a little under $1 million but will continue to increase as his legacy grows.

Despite all of this ownership, the estate claimed that Nipsey didn't personally own any property. Yet, that doesn't mean that the rapper didn't own buildings and assets through various ventures that can't be directly contributed to him or his net worth. The estate is currently being split between Nipsey's two children. Lauren London will control the finances belonging to their son, Kross Ermias Asghedom. The rest of Nipsey's family will control the half owned by the rapper's daughter from a previous relationship, Emani Asghedom, whose guardianship was given to Nip's family following a custody dispute