After stopping in for a chat with Stephen Colbert earlier this week, Megan Thee Stallion dropped by the Late Late Show to perform "Savage" and "Body."

Delivering impressive live versions of the two songs in what looks to be an empty rodeo venue, Meg was accompanied by a group of dancers. James Corden introduced the performance as one of his favorites that the show has produced since the pandemic forced them to get inventive with musical guests. 

Megan also gave a brief interview before her performance, touching on how she told her grandmother about her Grammy nominations only to be asked, "Did you win?" Her early interest in making music was discussed, too, explaining that when she was rhyming at 15 there was "a lot of cursing" and she was "shy" about telling her late mother she could rap.

"Any opportunity I had to rap, I was doing it," she recalled.

Corden asked Meg about her passion for horror films, and she noted the two Evil Dead films from the '80s are her all-time favorites. "I feel like I can predict what is going to happen in every other movie," she added, explaining why she's not particuarly scared by horror. 

Watch the performances and interview above.