Lil Wayne's legal battle with attorney Ronald Sweeney rages on.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Sweeney has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the New Orleans rapper over unpaid commission. Wayne reportedly hired Sweeney in 2005 to help him negotiate his contract with Birdman's Cash Money. Wayne and the label would go on to endure a years-long legal dispute, which was ultimately settled back in 2018 with Sweeney's help. However, the lawyer says he was not fully compensated for his work in the Cash Money deal.

Furthermore, Sweeney says that around the time of the settlement, Wayne asked him to fire his then-manager Cortez Bryant. The attorney obliged and took over the manager role at the rapper's request. The suit claims Wayne agreed to pay him a 17 percent commission, but Bryant and rapper/music executive Mack Maine "conspired to drive a wedge between Wayne and Sweeney." The attorney says the efforts paid off, as Wayne terminated him in September 2018. Sweeney previously filed a defamation lawsuit against Bryant and Maine over the conspiracy.

TMZ also reports that the suit claims that Wayne sold his masters for $100 million to Universal Music Group back in June. The outlet reports that Sweeney makes mention of the deal so as to point out that Wayne is more than able to pay him what he feels he is owed.

Wayne's camp has yet to publicly respond to the suit.

It was about two years ago when Wayne also sued Sweeney for $20 million, claiming his ex-attorney/manager was unfairly charging him 10 percent for every deal he helped close—much higher than the industry standard of 5 percent.