Just when fans thought Lil Wayne's days in the courtroom were over with the end of the #FreeWeezy campaign, the rapper is now the focal point of a new lawsuit. On Wednesday, it was reported that two of Wayne's business associates Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant are being sued by the rapper's ex-lawyer for allegedly conspiring against the attorney. 

According to The Blast, attorney Ronald Sweeney has filed a defamation lawsuit against Bryant and Mack Maine (Jermaine Preyan). In documents obtained by the publication, Sweeney believes Maine and Bryant used their close relationship with Wayne to pursue him to fire the lawyer based solely on lied and false information.

"Lil Wayne was induced to terminate his relationship with Sweeney based on false and misleading allegations by Mack and Cortez, both childhood friends of Lil Wayne," the documents read. "Mack and Cortez falsely told Lil Wayne, among other things, that Sweeney was improperly collecting fees to which he was not entitled and that the 10 percent fee Sweeney charged was exorbitant and against Lil Wayne’s best interests."

Prior to parting ways in September of 2018, Sweeney served as Wayne's main business lawyer for close to 14 years. He provided continuing services for the rapper during their partnership, collecting 10 percent of the money made from deals he brokered. In these 14 years, Sweeney estimates he possibly made Wayne more than $100 million in endorsements and other campaigns. Yet it wasn't this that led to his demise. 

Once he freed himself from his contractual obligations to Cash Money Records, Wayne began to reevaluate and take full control of his revenue streams. The Blast report claims Wayne instructed Sweeney to fire Cortez Bryant as his manager, though that seems highly unlikely given Wayne and Bryant's current standing.

The report further claims Sweeney believed Bryant weaponized his connection to Maine to "drive a wedge" between Sweeney and the rapper that ultimately led to his termination.

In addition to ruining his relationship with Wayne, Sweeney also feels Bryant and Maine urged Weezy to sue his former attorney. This forced him to have to defend himself in an ongoing $20 million court battle. This swirl of alleged lies and deception made Sweeney want to seek unspecified damages caused by Bryant and Maine's accused defamation.