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Lil Baby has recently been facing accusations that he cheated on his girlfriend by paying for sex with adult film star Ms. London, and he's had enough of the conversation. On Wednesday, the rapper responded to the accusations of infidelity after London reiterated that she slept with him. She apologized, however, and seemingly suggested he wasn't with his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves at the time.

In a series of deleted tweets from Wednesday, Lil Baby said, "An I'll never give a hoe 16k to fucc [shrug emoji]. I'm wrong for giving the inch fasho but bitches be taking a inch an stretch that shit for miles!"

Baby has been indirectly addressing the topic for a few days now, intimating Ms. London mentioned his name only to get attention. "N***as fucc up fasho but who go harder for they girl then me? Stop playing wit me," he said on Wednesday, neither confirming or denying what London had claimed about him.

One tweet Lil Baby kept up, however, indicated he's ready to move on from the subject. "Find a new topic," he tweeted.

Jayda also addressed the situation in a pair of tweets, implying that she is ready to stand by her partner. "I done been through enough shit to know what a n***a do outside of me has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME," she tweeted. "I know wth i got going on and what I have to offer. But sometimes ppl just don’t know how to love you properly and that’s not okay."

In a second tweet, she replied to someone saying she should know her worth by shooting that narrative down. "I mean this in the most humblest way I GET MONEY FR LIKE THAT SHIT MATERIAL SHIT IS NOTHING TO ME," she wrote. "I don't ask for the material shit I got now I get it just cuz. Sometimes you really just love a mfer. I know it's rare seeing that. But I was never here cuz I needed to be."