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K-Trap has just unleashed his long-awaited debut album, Street Side Effects, an LP that provides an introspective look into the rise of one of UK rap's biggest talents. 

Opening with the album's reflective title track, K-Trap talks about his experience of trying to do music life but still being drawn in by the roads. "One hit away to be a number one star," he raps, "or one brick away from being a number on the card." Accompanied by visuals dircted by Myles Suave—which you can watch above—the track exposes a rarely-seen vulnerable side to K-Trap, who opens up about losing his cousin in the closing verse. The rest of the set sees the South Londoner native establishing himself as a UK rap powerhouse.

Featuring some solid assists from Blade Brown, Giggs, Fredo, M1llionz, D-Block Europe and more, plus heavyweight production from the likes of Honeywoodsix, Jevon and Dukus, K-Trap's debut LP is his most accomplished, well-polished work to date. All My peoples Go Pre Order My Album ⏳🤞🏾

— TRAPO (@ktrap19) October 12, 2020

Street Side Effects delivers on all the promise K-Trap has shown since bursting onto the scene back in 2016. "A lot's gone into it," K-Trap said of his debut. "I feel like this is the first time I've opened up to all my supporters and my fans. I feel like they only saw a quarter of me, and I've given them way more with this album. I hope people can learn from it, and learn from my mistakes. I hope everyone leaves with some sort of message, and enjoys it."

Stream K-Trap's debut album, Street Side Effects, below.