Following all the criticism Ice Cube has received for engaging with Donald Trump's reelection campaign, Saturday Night Live has taken aim at the rapper.

In the cold open for the most recent episode of SNL, Jim Carrey's take on Joe Biden told a suitably spooky tale ahead of the looming Election Day. He warned Democrats not to get too complacent as many did with the 2016 election, and at one point he's visited by Lil Wayne and Ice Cube. Recently Lil Wayne met with Trump and endorsed his proposed "Platinum Plan," while Cube reportedly influenced the plan after he had reached out to both Presidential campaigns.

Portrayed by Kenan Thompson, the SNL version of Ice Cube revealed that he's voting for Trump for tax purposes. Lil Wayne, portrayed by Chris Redd, adds, "Plus Trump's got a new Platinum Plan." Thompson's Cube continued, "That's right, if you got a platinum record, you can plan on him doing a photo op with you." 

After catching wind of the sketch, Ice Cube offered a simple reply to the moment. Responding with a series of laughing-crying emojis, Cube tweeted, "Fuck you SNL... trying to reduce me to greed." While he appears to find it funny, he also seems to take issue with the idea that he's voting either way simply due to taxes.

Cube has clarified multiple times now that he's "not supporting Trump," and that he hasn't met with the president. In fact, he's even suggested that the country is "coming apart" under Trump, and that his interest lays in wanting to work with whoever is in power to help improve the lives of those in the Black community. Lil Wayne, however, seems to be on board the MAGA train, unfortunately.