Saweetie continues to warm fans up for her debut studio album.

The Cali-bred rapper returned Thursday night with her "Back to the Streets" single featuring Jhené Aiko. The two previously collaborated on a couple of remixes, including "Triggered" and "My Type" with the City Girls.

Hours before the release, Saweetie teamed up with Jack Daniels and her label Warner Records for a virtual listening event. Fans got to hear the official track prior to its drop and got the chance to win a cocktail kit for her signature Jack Daniel’s drink "Saweet & Sour."

You can stream "Back to the Streets" now on Apple Music and via Spotify below.

The single comes as Saweetie prepares to release her highly anticipated debut album, Pretty Bitch Music. She spoke about the project during an interview with HypeBae earlier this year, explaining its inspiration and the overall message of the “Pretty Bitch” movement.

"The key inspirations behind my new album was being a boss, getting money, loving my family, talking about them more and also just exploring my Filipino roots again," she explained. "… The ‘Pretty Bitch’ movement came about when I started the ‘pretty girl tap in’ on Twitter. I really like that different types of boys and girls who look different were all tapping in because beauty is unique. We should not all be looking alike but on social media a lot of people are starting to look alike. We need to celebrate our differences."